Online Security

Is it safe to make a credit or debit card online donation?

Making a donation on our website www.manglawelfaretrust.org is completely safe. When you make a donation on our website your web browser connects to a secure service.

Mangla WelfareTrust is committed to protecting the security of your data. No staff or volunteers have access to your card details.

Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government scheme introduced by HM Revenue & Customs. It allows charities, like us, to reclaim the basic rate tax you pay as a UK taxpayer, making it the easiest and most effective way to pay to charity.

This means that for every £1 you donate, we are able to claim an extra 25p of tax, with no extra cost to you. To make this happen, all you need to do is declare by ticking the Gift Aid box when making a donation online or by calling us on 07542233033.

Please let us know of any changes to your name and address, as well as your tax status.

Who can give Gift Aid?

To be qualified for Gift Aid, you need to be a UK taxpayer and to be paid income tax or capital gains

Gift Aid donations can be made by cash, credit or debit card, direct debit, standing order, cheque and postal order.


One-off and Regular Donations

Do you prefer regular donations rather than one-off donations?

By giving regularly, you are helping us to change lives for those who need it most in one of the most rural areas of Azad Kashmir (Pakistan), for years to come. They enable us to plan and ensure money is being utilised to where it is required most. Regular donations mean that we know we have consistent donations coming in to help plan future projects.

How do I make a one-off donation?

Please visit this page to find out how you can make a one-off donation to Mangla Welfare Trust. You can also call our team on 07542233033.

Other FAQs you may want the answer to...

Are you a registered charity?

Yes, we are a registered charity in England and Wales. Our charity number is 1176349. Because we are a registered charity, you can have peace of mind knowing that your donations are being handled with the utmost care.

Will I receive updates?

Yes! We are on all major Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) where we will post updates as and when we can. We also have a subscription option on our website where you can join the mailing list so you are the first to know about any new posts on the site.

Do you hold my contact details?

Any contact details you provide us will be held confidentially and securely for donation/communication purposes only. This means that we may automatically subscribe you to our mailing list, or contact you via the phone number/email you have provided us with. We will never share your contact details with any third parties and you will always have the option to opt out of sharing your details if you do not wish to be contacted. We understand that your details are an Amaanah (trust) and we will uphold this, Inshallah

Please note: There may be times where it is required for you to share your details i.e. completing contact forms/setting up Standing Order forms. In these instances, we still would not share your information with any third parties.

Making a donation